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Desi Sweets creates cakes that are meant to create great memories for your special occasion. From Wedding cakes to birthday cakes, Desi will create a beautiful cake that taste amazing for you and your guest.



When making cakes, it's a delightful blend of creativity and culinary skill. It begins with a vision, where the artist collaborates closely with the client to understand their preferences, theme, and occasion. From elegant wedding cakes to whimsical birthday treats, each creation is tailor-made to suit the event and delight the guests.

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Using premium quality ingredients to bake a cake elevates the entire culinary experience to new heights of indulgence. The result of using such premium ingredients is a cake that transcends the ordinary, boasting a moist, tender crumb and an exquisite flavor profile that delights the senses. Each bite is a testament to the care and dedication that went into its creation, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of savoring its decadent perfection.

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Not only do we create beautiful cakes, you can have options for custom treats. Such as, cupcakes, cookies, and macaroons.

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Hi I'm Desi and I love creating beautiful, tasty cakes and deserts. Baking is my labor of love. Bringing ideas to life for others with sweets for their special day is my passion. I look forward to creating cakes and bake goods for you.

Custom Cakes

Custom Cake For Special  Occasions 

Looking to order a cake for a special day? Desi takes your idea for a cake and brings it to life. From wedding cakes, birthday cakes for your kids or a loved one. Desi specializes in handcrafted cakes made with premium ingredients. Not only does the cake look amazing on your special day, but you and your guest will enjoy every amazing  bite.

How To Order A Cake

To order a customized cake, call 727-303-7304 , the initial call is to gather basic information regarding dates, times, pick up or delivery. The size of your cake, flavors, and design.

Birthday Cakes from Desi sweets

The Best Cakes In Tampa Bay

If you are looking to order an amazing custom cake in the Tampa Bay area, look no further. we provide cakes for bithdays, weddings, and special occasions in Tampa, Pinellas, Pasco, Spring Hill, and Brooksville. Give us a call at 727-303-7304 

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